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Belt-Loop Wrist Wraps for Powerlifters

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Key Features & How to Wear

key features with results fitness freestyle wraps. belt loop design wrist wraps. uspa approved. high quality cotton and nylon blend. they are 20 inches in length
how to wear freestyle wrist wraps

What are your waiting for?

If you're looking for a wrist wrap that's made for powerlifters from someone who has competed themselves, look no further than our Freestyle Wraps with a belt loop!

Say goodbye to your old, cheap, and ineffective wrist wraps that provide little to no support. Upgrade to our custom high-performance elastic wrist wraps that provide firm and steady support during your workout and won't unravel, rip or slip off.

Do What You Love

freestyle wraps neon green thick belt loop

Heavy Duty Belt Loop

The thick belt loop allows you to easily the reinforced weightlifting wrist wraps around your joint and secure it at a tension level of your choice for better support and stability

Perfect For Many Exercises

Best for Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Low Bar Squats, Curls, or any numerous other lifts

black freestyle wraps that remain secure when lifting

Made For Powerlifters & Bodybuilders

Freestyle wraps are designed to give you the even support across your wrist instead of just your thumb. The belt loop design is a game-changer - it allows you to adjust the tension to your exact needs, so you can feel confident and comfortable during your lift.

6 Bold Colors

Pick Your Favorite Color

results fitness freestyle wraps black


results fitness freestyle wraps in black & red

Black & Red

results fitness freestyle wraps crimson red

Crimson Red

results fitness freestyle wraps in navy blue

Navy Blue

results fitness freestyle wraps neon green

Neon Green

results fitness stealth black freestyle wraps



Superior Support & Durability

black/red freestyle wraps belt loop design

20" Long and 3" Wide

Freestyle Wraps are the perfect length to provide full coverage and support for your wrists while lifting weights. The width of the wraps ensures a snug and secure fit, preventing any slipping or sliding during intense workouts.

Non-Skin Irritating

The nylon/cotton blend coupled with the double stitched velcro does not irritate your skin and is made to last years of heavy training

results fitness lifting gear is athlete proven to help you reach your fitness goals

Athlete Proven

These wraps have been tested and proven by some of the most elite athletes. Powerlifters, in particular, love these wraps for their sturdy construction and ability to provide the support needed during heavy lifting sessions. These wraps are a testament to the fact that performance and safety can go hand in hand.

results fitness freestyle wraps are athlete proven for powerlifting meets uspa

USPA Approved

For Powerlifting Meets

"The USPA is the largest powerlifting federation created by lifters, for lifters. With over 400 competitions nationwide, lifters from all skill levels are provided an opportunity to showcase their efforts in a safe and competitive environment."


results fitness freestyle wraps wrist wraps for powerlifting bench press stealth black

Why Us?

Shopping with us is a must for athletes who are looking for the best gear. Our products are designed by athletes, for athletes, ensuring that you get the best quality lifting equipment. With 13 years of experience and knowledge in the industry, we bring you premium lifting gear that is made to last and perform.

Invest in your lifting journey with us, and experience the difference for yourself!